Important information on how I will photograph

the games and how to purchase photos

The information presented here and in the FAQ section below will introduce you my strategy to take as many great photos as possible and hopefully answer any questions that you might have regarding viewing and purchasing photos.

Again, I will be at EVERY NCBA WS game. That's right sports fans, that's a LOT of baseball which translates into some very long days. That's why I need your help to understand my schedule and to work with me should you want professional photos of your favorite ball player(s).

Here's typically the schedule that I'll follow during every day during the World Series:

During a game - arrive on the field well before the first pitch to get photos of the teams warming up, playing around, and getting psyched up for the game. Make sure that I get plenty of photos of players that have been registered emphasizing batting, fielding, and some "portrait" shots of the player experiencing the game. The number of shots that I take of a given player depends on the "tier" package (see below) that was purchased. I also try to get action shots of great plays and the celebrations. If only a few players have been registered, I'll take photos that seem interesting or helps tell the story of that particular game.

Between games - I rush to my makeshift "office" and copy all the photos to a Hard Disk and make at least 2 backups. I use two (or 3 cameras) a game and roughy average 2,000-3,000 photos each game. My cameras provide very large, high-resolution files so this takes quite some time. I change out the batteries for freshly charged ones and may swap out some lenses depending on the time of day, who's playing, etc.

For most days I will repeat these routines up to 3 or 4 times.

After the final game of a day - Make sure everything is backed up and that all the batteries are in a charger to begin the dance again the next day.

Depending on how tired I am and when the games start the next day, I may attempt to edit and post a few photos to the site. So please check the game galleries often.

Here's a very important note: I edit each and every photo that I post so that I can offer you the best quality images that I possibly can. Editing a photo usually takes 5 mins and some photos even longer. In other words, it takes a long time to post all the great photos from a single game. So please be patient, it will be worth it. My strategy is to focus on taking photos during the WS and edit and post photos after the series when I have time and the tools to properly edit.

For examples of the quality and style of my photos, as well as how to navigate the galleries, please visit my collection of 2022 NCBA DII photos at:

or the 2022 NCBA DI photos at:

You can purchase high-resolution digital files of any photo (EXCEPT team photos) either a la carte directly from within a gallery or by "Registering" an athlete. Prints of many sizes are available for purchase also directly in a gallery. Information on the benefits and how to register a player are given here. The FAQ section below provides information on how to purchase photos in a game gallery.

Purchasing Digital Photos and Prints


How do I purchase digital copies and prints?

A.It’s very simple - an online store is linked to the photo gallery for each game. To purchase a photo, either a digital download or print, click on the photo that you want and then click on the “shopping bag” icon in the upper right corner of the screen then follow the directions. Hopefully you’ll find that the shopping interface is similar to those that you’ve encountered on other site. The prints are made at a professional photo laboratory and will be mailed directly to you. Once approved, an email will be sent with a link to download digital copies of photos purchased.

Of course, please send me an email if you and questions or issues with the system.

When will photos from a game be posted?

A.As I described above, I always try to edit and post a handful of photos within a day after a game, especially if there was an exceptionally exciting play or event. However, this is particularly difficult during the DII WS because of the number of games that are played each day. Again, it is my strategy to make sure that I capture all the action first during the series and not rush the editing process. This is a long way of saying that all the photos will be edited and posted after the end of the DI WS and I have returned home, usually within a month’s time. Please note I first edit and post photos for those that have purchased a registration package.

How do I find out if you took photos of a particular player(s)?

A.Simply send me an email to or fill out the form on the Contact page of this site providing the team, jersey number, etc of the athlete. I'd be happy to look and let you know.