Why do I have to give my email to view the photos?

I only use emails for two reasons: 1) to update you on when photo galleries are complete or about sales on purchasing photos, and 2) to gauge the general interest in a gallery - I try to expedite the editing and posting of photos to the galleries with a lot of interest.

Can I purchase a digital copy of a photo?

Yes! For most photos you can purchase either a high-resolution (original) or web-appropriate resolution copy. Just click the shopping cart icon to see which products are available for a photo.

How do I make sure that you take photos of my child or players that I want?

You can purchase a prepaid discount package of high-resolution digital downloads BEFORE the game or event starts. Packages or available for 5, 10, or more photos. In this way, I will focus of the player(s) named to ensure that I take a lot of great photos of them. Otherwise, I focus primarily on the action and interesting aspects of the game.

How long does it take to see the photos from a game?

The time that it takes for me to post photos from a game depends on many factors including such things as shooting schedule and general interest in the game or event. I try to post photos as quickly as possible - you can always send me an email or fill out the form below to request photos of a specific game or player.

Want to see more photos of a game or player?

If you like to request that I post more photos of a particular game or player please send me an email or fill out this form.