Registering a ball player for digital WS photos

Player Registration


Registration is the only way to ensure that I get a wide selection of action and candid photos of your athlete. With your registration, I will focus on your athlete during the game or games that you have selected depending on the Prepaid Registration package purchased. Because this is a prepaid option, I have the information needed such as jersey number, positions played, and how he bats and throws to make sure that I am in position on the field to capture the best memories possible.


How much does it cost to register a player and how many photos will I get?

A.Please note that a significant part of the registration is that I am committing to focus on your athlete during the game(s). You're essentially, hiring a professional photographer to take photos for you.

Registration costs $150 per game per player. For your registration, you will receive every photo that I take of your athlete where she is the main focus of the photo. That is, the reason that I took the photo. I guarantee at least 20 photos but often you’ll receive more, sometimes many more (depending on how active the athlete is in the play on the field). Besides shots on the field, I will attempt to get as many shots as I can showing your athlete during all elements of the game. There is a 10% discount off the per game cost for additional games ($135) up to three games. Additional games (more than 3 are $100 each game).

When can I register my athlete?

A.You can register an athlete at any time up until 1.5 hours before the start of a game. There will be a limited number of registrations so it is best to register early.

When and how will I receive my photos?

A.Every photo that I post is carefully edited to ensure that the photo you receive is the best possible image. In general, photos will be posted online within a month after the WS championship game.

Can't I just ask you during the game to take photos of my son?

A.For a myriad of reasons, the short answer is no. I will only commit to taking photos of a registered ballplayer. Being a prepaid option, registration demonstrates your commitment to purchase photos.

What if I don't register, will other photos be available?

A.Most definitely, Yes. In addition to getting great photos of registered athletes, I try to get as many of the action plays as possible as well as a selection of photos that tell the story of the NCBA WS and the experience of the players during the games. However, please note that I do not attempt to get photos of every player (hence the importance of registering). These photos will be edited and posted after all the galleries for registered athletes have been created. You can purchase high-resolution digital copies and prints of various sizes directly within the game's photo gallery. Print orders are fulfilled by a professional photo lab.

What if I still have questions or have a special request?

A.I more than welcome questions or special requests. Please feel free to email me at or send me your questions or comments using the form on my site's "Contact me" page. Of course, feel free to come by and chat at the field.

Athlete Registration Form 2024 NCBA WS - $150

Registration Process

1) Complete and submit the registration form.

2) Once received, I will review your registration form and confirm that I am able to fulfill your request. If I am able to photograph the athlete, an invoice will then be emailed to you that can be paid securely online using a credit card.

Note: the invoice must be paid at least 1 hour before the game starts so I can get to the field and complete preparations to photograph your athlete.

Registration Benefits

1) Guaranteed that your ball player will be photographed.

2) Substantial savings over purchasing individual photos.

3) A link private will be provided to easily download your photos.

3) Discount on additional high-resolution images.

5) You can relax and enjoy the event knowing that you have a professional photographer capturing photos for you.

Terms of Service

Submission of this form denotes acceptance of the personal use license for the photos as given here.

Positions normally played (e.g., centerfield, and first base)