Direct answers to your direct questions about my photos.


There are only a few photos posted for a game, will there be more?

A.Yes, yes and yes. I take over 1,500 photos per game and typically post around 500 per gallery. Refer to the first "slide" of the gallery, if it's less than 100% there WILL be more posted. I will be sending out update emails to the addresses used during your sign in to the galleries so make sure your address is correct.

When will you post more photos?

A.I will start my major effort to edit and post photos AFTER the NCBA DI WS.

Why does it take so long for you to post photos?

A.Two main reasons: 1) I am the only person that is on the field for every pitch of every game, often in the hot sun for hours. After 12 r so hours at the park I am too tired to do much other than eat and rest up for the next day; 2) I edit EVERY photo to give you the best photo possible and this takes time. Please be patient.

I didn't register my son can I still buy photos?

A.Most definitely and I hope that you will want many!

How do I know if you got photos of my son?

A.I welcome emails with comments, suggestions and asking whether I got photos of a particular ball player. HOWEVER, please provide the players name, number, team, position, bats/throws with your inquiry. I will provide a reply as soon as I can.

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