What a long, strange trip it's been.

Well, my last post was over 3 weeks ago.

Did I forget to post? No. Did I choose to ignore all my adoring fans? No. Was I just too busy to post? Damn, straight skippy!

As I mentioned last post I was off to shoot the NCBA (National Club Baseball Association) Division II and then the Division I World Series. Bottom line was - 28 games in 12 days of play. These a LOT of baseball not matter how you size it up. In the DII WS there were up to 4 games/day (they play 7 inning games) and the DI up to 3 games/day. This often meant that I was on the field an average of 9+ hours and around 12-13 hours at the park. For the two series I shot of 50,000 photos. Again, that's a LOT of baseball.

First stop was Butter, PA for the NCBA DII WS. I had an absolutely awesome Airbnb. Then I flew flew Pittsburgh, PA to Greenville/Spartanburg for the NCBA DI WS in Greenwood, SC. The WS was played at the Lander University field.

More on these adventures in future posts.

It was a fantastic time for me. Even celebrated my bday at the park with a day with 3 games. A lot of work, a lot of fun.

But I also learned that things aren't always what they appear. There could be foxes in sleep's clothing.

For example, look at the North Dakota starting pitcher in the photo above - everything seems normal right? Now check out the photos below (make sure you look closely).

Until next time, be kind, be safe, measure twice - cut once - maybe he should mention that to his barber.