Where have you gone sir richard? wow, it's been months since I posted last. time to get back on track and exercise my brain.

A lot of people use the expression "time flys." Well, time for me took a Concorde Jet this summer! July, August, September. They are gone, no more, auf wiedersehen. So why no blog posts? Was I in a coma? Had I broken both arms and unable to type? Or maybe abducted by aliens and probed?

Nope, time just flew by as I was doing, well, actually I was just living life and taking care of some stuff. For example, I've been working on my solar system and there's been two reasonable threats of tropical weather and potential flooding. Growing up in Miami and living outside of New Orleans and now on the OBX, I've seen a lot of tropical storms and Hurricanes so I always evaluate the potential impacts and prepare. Nothing's worse than to run out of your favorite adult beverage in the middle of a tropical system or, not have power to keep that favorite beverage cold.

In August I did start back shooting some local high school sports - just never got around to blogging. But it's time to get the creative juices flowing, to put pen to paper, or at least bits to html and startup the blog again.

This bog is just a warmup and highlights some photos that I've taking recently.

Until next time, be safe, be good and don't tug on Superman's cape.