Back to having some fun!

I headed to Manteo (ca 30 mins away) this afternoon to catch my first lady Redskins volleyball matches of the young season. I was really looking forward to to shooting the games because last year their team was exceptionally friendly and nice to me. As a result, I shot a lot of their games and got to know Coach Heather and a number of the players fairly well.

I was happy to see that a large number of the girls that I knew were back in action. The team had the same high level of energy. To me, the girls really have elevated their level of play and the crowd witnessed some awesome volleys. It was fun to watch their celebrations and gathering in all the joy that they had in playing the game.

I thought that I too had to elevate my game so early in the season and try to capture some great action shots for them, some memories of this time in 2022.

As I went to my car after the matches I felt better about shooting photos for HS athletes. The feelings expressed in my last post had faded. No more gloomy gus.

Until next time, be kind, be safe, and share a little happiness by being happy.