Tis the season to give thanks. I hope that everyone had a great thanksgiving and shared it with friends and family.

I was confused. The trusty digital calendar displayed a bold 22 November the day before Thanksgiving but to me it was Christmas. My wife was on her way back from Norfolk airport with special cargo. Our first born, our daughter, our little girl, my sweetie was coming to visit! Despite all those days that I was sure that I was naughty, Ol' Saint Nick had granted one of the greatest presents of all - time with our daughter.

Of course, "alles ist relativ" and the time raced by much too quickly. In the batting of an eye she was gone but, WAIT, hey I'm a photographer and as a good photographer I captured some of our time together.

There were 3 games of Trivia Pursuit (luckily each of us won a game), a lot of laughter, some great meals at our favorite restaurant the Thai Room, and of course a Thanksgiving feast that sent Buddy into a food coma.

I thought that I really missed my daughter before, but now after remembering how much she means to me, I miss her 1,000 times more.

Until next time, be safe, and I hope that Santa soon brings your family to you.