or at least the tale of two sports.

It was NOT the best of times, it was the worse of times.

To me it's "funny" how different Baseball and Football really are.

True fans of baseball would enjoy a 0-0 game in late innings. It means that it's probably a heck of a pitchers duel and there may be a no-no, free baseball, or who knows what.

But as I shot a local football game last night I thought about a 0-0 game long after the 2nd half has started is in general "boring." Admittedly, it could mean a defensive battle between two evenly matched teams or it could be due to a parade of errors. Unfortunately, the latter is an apt description of the game last night.

Both teams had a few big plays. Both teams had the ball in the Red Zone several times but it's hard to put points on the board when you go from 1st and goal to 4th and 30. Poor snaps and penalties were the setback de jour. I mean a LOT of penalties.

So when one team finally scored it was like a very, very big thing. And it was time to celebrate. And celebrate some more until the ref said "ok, boys lets get going."

As I walked off the field the scoreboard shone 8-0. A score for a good game in baseball, not so good in football

Until next time, be safe, be good and don't get the yellow flag.