After a memorable time in Rothenburg o b tauber i'm back in München.

Auf wiedersehen to Rothenburg!

Another train trip and a near disaster in Wurzburg - NOTE to self - make sure to arrange at least an hour transfer time in Wurzburg. Yes, I was late arriving in Wurzburg once again, but this time I was able to "run" to the different platform and make it to my train to Munich with a minute to spare. Unfortunately, this incrediable athletic feat took it's toll on my knee and let's just say I now look like a bobble-man walking.

All the same, I'm back in Munich. A place that I know very, very well. Of course I've already spent some time "nursing my knee" as well as nursing a few beers at the Hofbrauhaus. It's good to be back to a place that's so familiar, so comfortable. And although I have so many fond memories of spending time at the Hofbrauhaus with my daugher, it's lacking some of the things that made it special.

For example, gone are the times of the oom pah band playing John Denver and the whole place loudly singing "Take me home country road." But fortunately one can still meet and, at least try to talk, with people from many different countries. This time it was "older" people from Italy. I know no Italian and they knew no English but we spoke the universal language of beer. As usual they were interested in my camera gear (I mean who wouldn't be) so I took photos of them, got their email address and sent the photos to them as I have done in the past.

It's always a good time for me. I enjoy people watching and of course the beer isn't bad.

On my way back to catch the S-bahn back to the main train station I stopped for a while at the Christmas Market - but I saved exploring that for another night.

Until next time, be safe, be kind and I hope that the roads "take you home to the place that you love."