Laughing at Yourself Can Be Good for Your Well-Being

Ahhhhhh, High School sports. Sometimes I gain far more from being at a game than just shooting photos.

The back story: I was at First Flight HS to shoot three basketball games - JV, and the women and mens varsity games against Edenton. I have to admit that after shooting so many basketball games this season and not a lot of business or interaction with parents, I loose some enthusiasm for shooting the game. So, to peak my interest I decided just to have fun and go after some different shots. To this end, I brought 4 cameras and 6 lenses (yes, that is a lot of gear).

Between the varsity games I decided to stretch my legs and wait for the final game in the lobby of the gym. It was senior night and the seniors, along with their parents were forming a line to enter the gym to be recognized.

As I waited there with cameras draped over me, a First Flight athlete with a wide grin came up to me. He sheepishly asked - "If I get into the game today can I get a picture?" Of course I said "sure."

He then went on to explain - "If I get in it won't be for long." Even his eyes were smiling - he was sort of teasing himself that there was little chance that he would get in. He was then joined by his mom and as he held his arm tried to convince him that he had a chance to play.

Fast-forward: First Flight had a sizable lead and with under 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter the student section started shouting his name - "We want...." - unfortunately, I don't recall his name.

Keeping my word I took a picture for him. In fact, I got a lot for him. I enjoyed doing it. It made me smile.

Hopefully other students and athletes will take his clue - just be kind and ask politely and you may be surprised with the outcome.

Until next time, be safe, be KIND, and aways smile.