UPdate hamburg:I may be down, but i aint out.

I know that my last blog was a real cliffhanger and that you all have been waiting to hear how my train trip to Hamburg went and what's been happening around the city.

Well, I spare you with all the graphic details and there will certainly be NO photos but after arriving in Hamburg and checking into my hotel, there was only about 45. min until it was dark again - it gets dark here around 4:00 PM (1600). Since it was cold, windy and misting once again I decided to have a true sit-down dinner for the first tine in a "traditional" German styled restaurant. I ordered a few brews, of course, and a traditional German meal. The atmosphere and the meal was enjoyable. I thought that it was gonna be a good stay in Hamburg.

That is until about 1.5 hours later.

Let's just say that my body spent the next 9 hours or so trying to get rid of everything that I had eaten or had to drink since I was 4. Trust me, not pretty, not fun.

So I stayed in bed all day yesterday (Wednesday 28dec22) and most of today. I did go out and get a few shots today but it was very windy with a light rain and I didn't want to take a chance getting sick/sicker as I have about a 9.5 hour train trip to Vienna.

As least the weather in Vienna is supposed to be better so hopefully I'll get some good shots. I've never been to Wien so I'm anxious to visit the beautiful city.

Until next time, be safe, be good and remember, "Put a lime in the coconut and drink 'em bot' togedder".