Three generations at the park.

I really do enjoy capturing memories of kids of all ages as the play sports. When parents tell them that my photos will be cherished for many years it makes all the time, effort and expense worth it. When kids say thanks, it's special.

But I've traveled this time to take photos of my grandson playing baseball. Photographing your first grandchild having fun playing the game that you love and taught his Dad to play, well, that's PRICELESS.

When I look at these photos and know that they will give me a lifetime of memories it reminds me that what I do is such an important. Time is fleeting, kids grow up far too fast, but photos capture a very special time.

Until next time, be kind, be safe, and support your local photographer, years from now you won't forget it.

Capturing my son congratulate his son getting on a lead-off hit.

Nice form.

Playing the hot corner.