there are countless beautiful landscapes, historical buildings and "interesting" people to see and photograph in Germany. Yup, I'm back in Germany.

I landed in Berlin four days ago for another visit to Germany, this visit is planned as a zig-zag tour of multiple cities. I met the groovy guy above in Berlin in front of the Brandenburg Gate. He had a sign "Jeremiah broke a jar" (referencing Jeremiah verse 19) attached to the front of a small carriage/throne sort-of-thing. He was certainly a chilled dude.

Currently I am in Dresden after 3 days in Berlin. I was last here decades ago with my two kids - brings back some good memories. Seems like Peace is the theme of the trip as yesterday there was a major peace gathering in front of the Church of the Lady (Frauenkircke) in support of Ukraine - yesterday was the 2nd year anniversary of the start of the war.

As always, follow the blog to see where I go and what I see.

Until next time, be safe, be kind and peace out people.