Day 6 (Friday) is in the book.

Just when you think that there's no redeeming quality of humans because of all the wars and craziness, you visit the Louvre and realize that there can be beauty and art. Of course, many of the painting and sculptures depict war and violence but I'll let that slide fir now.

It was also comforting to see just how many people were willing to come "view" great works of art and use their phones for something other than texts - OK, so they were taking countless selfies.

The Louvre is HUGE. Even after 6 hours of walking, and walking, and walking I hardly made a dent.According to one Google source there are over 5,500 paintings - I'm sure that I only saw paintings numbering in the hundreds. Fortunately I did see most, of not all, of the classic must see things.

Hope you enjoy the photos - it's an awesome place.

Until next time, be safe, be good and keep on walking.