How are the people above related?

France, of course!

We arrived a little more than 3 hours late at Charles De Gaulle Airport in Paris on a cloudy day. Our delay was a little adventure. After everyone had boarded our first plane, yes first plane, and were all settled in our Captan came on the horn to tell us that when they had boarded maintenance was already working on a thing-a-bob related to keeping the engines warm when they were powered off. He came back in about an hour or so to tell us that the aircraft we were all settled into was out of commission. Everyone had to deplane with all their stuff. All luggage had to be removed, same for the catering, etc. A new aircraft of the same vintage had to be brought from a hanger, luggage reloaded, food reloaded, and all passengers reboarded. Of course it took some time to takeoff because we had clearly missed our slot and JFK is a very busy airport. All that said we arrived safely Sunday morning.

Lady Luck was still playing with us because the train to take you from CDG Airport to the city was not running that weekend - track maintenance or something silly like that. So rather take several public buses with all of our bags I opted for a taxi. Good choice because the traffic was crazy and we got to the hotel in no time. Lady Luck finally smiled on us and even though is was only about 1100 our room was ready.

After settling into the room we ventured off exploring the area around the hotel The location of the hotel is Sweeeeeeet - easy walking distance to a number of the sites (such as the Louve and Notre Dame) and less than 5 mins to a Metro station.

All and all a good day. I even had a glass of expensive cheap French wine. Note to self: Paris is bloody expensive.

Until next time, be safe, be good and bonjour (that's about all I know at this point).