One of my favorite things to do in Germany...

As I posted in my recent posts on my train trips across the US on Amtrak, I love the Germain rail system. As is often said, "it's the journey not the destination." That's how much I enjoy railing on the DB (Deutsches Bahn).

So I took the ICE (Intercontinental Express) train 508 from Munich to Berlin Hauptbahhof and then took a local S-bahn train for the 10 min trip to Alexanderplatz.

The shot above is part of the city from my hotel window. The column in the middle is the TV tower, which is essentially a tourist observation deck.

I chose Alexanderplatz because I know it is a central starting point for most of the places that I want to revisit. I sure wish my baby girl was here to walk these streets again.

Until next time, be kind, be safe, and now, Grüße aus Berlin!!!