Stepping back in time.

Arrived in NYC at the new Amtrak Moynihan station (more like cathedral) - probably the most impressive train station that I've ever seen. Arrived on time. My checked bag was waiting for me as I got to baggage claim. Three nights, about 80 hours, two trains - would (will) I do it again. Darn-straight Skippy. I really enjoy seeing a country this way. Can't wait to return to the impressive rail system in Germany next month.

As I stepped out of the Moynihan station into the cold air of NYC it was like I stepped through a time portal back to the times when I visited NYC so many times, so many years ago. No evidence of a problem with a virus named Covid. The sidewalks were filled - there was traffic, including the ever-present honking of NYC cars. There was the smells of the streets. And scenes that you will only see in NYC - sorry, no examples.

I was back. Back to the city that never sleeps.

I have two days just to do whatever. I'm meeting a friend for drinks to catch up. My days here will be like wherever I go. I start walking and go wherever.

Until next time, be kind, be safe, and in what city would you you like to wake up in?