Or, we're not in Kansas anymore Toto.


Over the next week or so I'm not going to post about Sports. I do hope that you continue to visit my blog but I'm going to simply provide a brief travelog as I traverse this vast country of ours, the US of A.

As I've stated MANY times I've been fortunate to see much of the World and I enjoy it. I love to travel. It's cathartic to me to see other people going about their normal everyday lives - doing so, one is forced to conclude that people are the same everywhere. Forget all the BS rhetoric from politicians but people are "people."

While I do enjoy shooting local sports I needed to get away. My recent Amtrak trip from Portland, OR to Chicago proved that. It was like an infusion of pure adrenaline to the soul. I felt better. I felt I could be a better person.

Fortunately I am truly blessed to be married to a person that understands this. A woman that says - "go" (hmmmmmm, she did say that rather quickly). A blessing that is without strings or hidden agendas.

I am now off on a 10 day or so journey. A trip that takes me across county by flight so that I can travel across country by rail. And this shall be a travelog of my journey.

Thursday 2/10/2022: Traveled from home to Norfolk, VA. I'm NOT a morning person and since I had a flight at "O-dark thirty" as I like to say I went up to Norfolk a day early. I thought a 10 minute ride to the airport while I'm not yet awake was better than a 2 hour ride at that time. Plus, I was able to go to Poppa's Bar and Grill. A place that has the best wings I've ever had (and that's saying a lot). The photo above is of a local band playing during open Mike night.

Friday 2/11/2022: Fly to JFK then from JFK to John Wayne airport in Santa Ana, CA. The plan is to catch a brief 17 min train ride to Fullerton, Ca then catch Amtrak's Southwest Chief from Fullerton to Chicago. A 3 day trip. Then switch to the Cardinal train to New York City - but let's not get ahead of ourselves

JFK: A great way to spend preflight in the American Airlines Flagship lounge. I had 4 hours to kill before my flight to SNA (Santa Ana, CA). I'll do this anyday!!!!

JFK: I had a great view from the lounge plane spotting.

Saturday 2/12/2022: Chilled in Santa Ana. Went to a few Sports Bars to "relax" and prepare for the trip. Most of the restaurants/bars were heavily Hispanic-based and I had a good time observing their "dating" rituals late during a Friday and Saturday night.

Tomorrow I'm off to catch a train cross-country. Stay tune. I hope that you'll come along with me on the trip.

Santa Ana: Bringing a big "bucket of Cerveza" to some patrons with large sparklers blazing.

I'm feeling more relaxed by the minute. I needed this. We all need this.

Until next time, be kind, be safe, and go somewhere for YOU.