Fall sports are in the books.

Seasons change and so do the games. It's time to move on to shooting local Winter sports – Basketball, Swimming and Wrestling.

It's also time to exercise some different photographic muscles. Time to get back into the groove. To imagine new and exciting ways to capture photos.

Toward that goal I’ve already shot a varsity basketball scrimmage and a three-school swim meet. It was good to be on the court again. It felt natural. And with some new LED lights in the gym I really shouldn't; t complain about the lighting.

Not so much poolside – hot, humid, extremely low light, A veritable dungeon. But ya gotta go where the action is and do the best you can.

Just when my muscles were regaining their memory of games past, we’re off for a week without sports as we all get ready to stuff ourselves with stuffing. Be safe and try not to be a turkey.