It's a strange world after all, it's a strange world after all, it's a strange world after all, it's a strange, strange world (sung to the tune of It's a strange world after all)

Just arrived in Berlin and the weather is, ahem, not so gut! Misty and foggy and the skies are so dark it seems like it's midnight and it's only 3:30 PM local time. So, before I out and battle the elements for a liter of nectar I thought I'd give you all a 2-fer, that is the 2nd blog post in a day! It works out well because it's keeping with the morning's theme.

Yesterday I was wandering around a part of Munich that I've skirted many times but never went down a particular street. I was on a mission to see what was recently presented by a YouTuber as one of the 8 things to see while in Munich - the Michael Jackson Memorial. Yes, you read that correctly, the Michael Jackson Memorial in München Germany. And no I haven't been drinking... much.

There it was, a memorial to Michael Jackson that had commandeered a statue to Roland De Lattre. Don't know Roland but I do know Michael.

So, like last post, once again, it was/is clear that people are the same from all over the world, that is, strange.

Until next time, be safe, be good and remember, like Jim Morrison said, People are Strange so might as well embrace it.