With the oompah bands playing, the CHILDREN laughing, and the bier flowing, munich is having a party - yup, another one.

When I was booking my hotel in Munich for my current visit I noticed that city-wide, the rates on Thursday and Friday nights were 3x the normal rates. But, I had NO idea why.

That is, until I arrived here in Munich. I discovered that it's the 57th Frühlingsfest or Springfest. Springfest runs from 21 April- 7 May. I just happen to be here 20 April - 8 May. Coincidence? Hmmmmmmmm. Springfest is the baby sibling of Octoberfest. There are only two massive Biergarten tents rather than the standard 6 at Octoberfest.

I went to check things out on Saturday 22 April. Since it was the second day of Springfest it was a Zoo!!! I decided to regroup and conquer the beer tents another day. It was a good decision as it wasn't very busy at the Hofbräuhaus (my usual haunt).

Until next time, be safe, be good and Prost!