Grüße von Deutschland!

I'm writing this from my hotel in Munich Sunday morning after a long and arduous trip. Traveling is fun. Traveling is hectic. Traveling is tiring. It's often a saga of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Here's a brief recap of my adventures so far.

While I was packing up the night before my trip I received an email from both American Airlines and British Airways saying that there was a travel alert for JFK and Heathrow, respectively. As I always do I did some weather spotting myself and decided that it wouldn't be a problem. It was beautiful flying from Norfolk to JFK. Had about a 4 hour layover and so spent the time in the lounge. No problem on the trip to Heathrow. Then the "fun" began. This trip I was to fly British Airways from London to Munich. I'll just condense the story to a simple phrase - "what a cluster ...." We left an hour late, as soon as I arrived in Munich I had an email saying that my checked bag did not make the flight (even though there was a 3 hour layover), finding out to pursue getting my bag was/is a "joke" (BTW there were at least 10 other passengers that did not receive their bags), I was told that my bag was on the next flight coming in later that night but that there was no way it would be delivered. Unfortunately, Sundays (Sonntag) in Germany everything shuts down probably won't get it today either. I do know that it's at the Munich airport as I have an Apple Air Tag in it. Recommendations: do NOT fly British Airways, DO get Air Tags as they are awesome.

The only good thing about flying into London was the beautiful sunrise (see photos below). The photos were taken using my iPhone (remember, the best camera to take a photo is the one that you have with you).

So now the adventure starts in Germany. Enjoyed a great German breakfast (Frühstuck) with a lot of Espresso coffee and a Christmas tree (Weihnachsblaum) pretzel.

Until next time, be safe, be good and bis bald.