A well-trained and seasoned photographer.

Believe it or not, photographers are like athletes (OK, absent the well-toned physiques of athletes). Photographers must train hard, working on fundamentals until the actions have been recorded in muscle memory.

One similarity, is that like athletes, photographers must follow through. A major tenet of photography is don't stop when you think that you got the action shot, but follow through, keep following/shooting the play or action, as something special may happen, like a great celebration.

Such was the case last Saturday when I was at my grandson's baseball game and I readied myself to get photos of him at bat. He hit a hard grounder to right-centerfield. I followed him running the bases: I got him as he tagged first, then go his way to second, rounding second to scampered to third, and then Coach, like a windmill franticly waved him Home! I caught the action of his inside-the-park Home Run!!!

I was so proud that I wanted to lend my camera against the fence to cheer and shout and let everyone know that he was MY grandson.

But the photographer muscle memory said NO, don't stop, follow ALL the action.

I was glad that I did because I was rewarded with two great celebration shots: one with a fellow teammate and one where he is congratulated by his Dad.

Until next time, be kind, be safe, and don't stop, follow things aww the way to the end.