I've been waiting for so long.

Don't ever take things for granted. Don't put off things because you think that you can do them "tomorrow." Sometimes tomorrow never comes.

I really like lacrosse. It's certainly a fast-paced game and when you put sticks in to the hands of restless youth well, anything can happen. After I shot a few games one year I had big plans to go to as many games possible in the spring. But that was the spring of 2020 and well, let's just say that tomorrow never came.

Once again I had plans to shoot lacrosse whenever possible. But you know what happens to "the best laid plans of men and men." As you know I was out of town for most of March (Disneyworld then Germany). So when I saw that there was a men's game on a Saturday during daylight hours I was like "happy-happy, joy-joy."

Hence I got to shoot a lacrosse game during some nice light and beautiful weather.


Until next time, be kind, be safe, and remember, do what you want to do because tomorrow may never come.