The last few days in Germany.

Today is my last day in Deutschland. Yesterday and today the skies are overcast. Grey and weeping I'm sure to see me go.

Just walked around yesterday is some neighborhoods. Of course the neighborhoods bordered a huge park that was also home to a HUGE Biergarten. I just had to check that out. There were hundreds and hundreds of tables. I bet the place really hops during the summer and non-Covid times.

Speaking of Covid, I got my Covid test (negative) the day before heading back to the US as required.

So there's good news and some bad news - the good news is that I will be heading home to see Buddy and JoAnn (I've been told that they BOTH miss me), the bad news is that I will be leaving Germany.

I do hope that I will be back soon.

Until next time, be kind, be safe, until later, and go Duke, beat Carolina.