What it's like to be a leader of young people.

You've met coach Prince before in my blogs. As the head coach of the First Flight HS football he's starting his 50th season in football. That's a long time for anything, especially trying to lead young men..

The First Flight Nighthawks aren't doing so well this season and own a 0-3 record. I captured the moment above as the coach scanned the field before the game last Friday. The game was with a team that was much bigger and held a reputation as a hard playing team. It looked to me that coach was searching his database of all those years of experience to find the magic formula to pull off an upset before the home crowd..

First Flight played played hard but succumbed to a much bigger and faster team and fell to a record of 0-4. Coach Prince didn't find the magic for a win but his players experienced the magic of a great teacher and mentor.

The challenges for coaches and teachers are many. Thank goodness they are there to help our young people transition to adulthood.

Until next time, be safe, be good and who was your most influential coach or teacher?