today is sunday 30 April 2023. Yesterday was saturday 29 april 2023. On 29 april 1945 american SOLDIERS liberated the dachau "work camp" near munich. yesterday was the 78th anniversary of that LIBERATION.

This blog is going to be different from my regular posts, probably a LOT different. While I always try to showcase some great photos and share a story along with a bit of humor, this post is about remembrance. The main "rallying cry" of Dachau (if that's the right term) is Nie Wieder - Never again.

This is my second visit to the Dachau Concentration Camp in the city of Dachau, Bavaria in Germany. My first was with my two kids some 23 years ago when they were 15 and 20. I think that the future must see the past. Including the dark and ugly in the hope that certain atrocities will never happen again.

I will no say more. I will however, in this post show more photos that I have before. I hope that they may cause you to take pause and reflect and that "nie weider" is more than words etched on monuments.