These boys certainly had what the cowardly Lion wanted.

You know the story, one of Dorothy's travel companions, the cowardly Lion, felt that he lacked courage and sought to find the great Wizard of Oz so that he would bestow upon him courage - something that the great Oz demonstrated that the Lion had all along.

And the young men of the First Flight Middle School football team clearly demonstrated, at least to me, that they too had courage. It was the team's first home game and a good-sized crowd had gathered to cheer them on to victory. But as their opponents gathered across the field it was clear to see that First Flight was the "under"dog in this match as almost to a man that were well under the weight and height of the other team. And it took only one play from scrimmage to show that they were grossly under "speed" as well.

Soon the score was a lopsided affair. First Flight had not yet entered the glory land of the end zone while their opponent had put up residence there.

But did First Flight quit, did they whine and stop playing? As Bluto Blutarsky said "Nothings over until we decide it's over. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?" Nope, they kept playing and the coaches kept coaching and encouraging the young men to give it all that they had. Leave no gas in the tank.

It's great when you can learn some life lessons from young men playing football and their good coaches.

Until next time, be safe, be good and always listen to Bluto, he went to college, ok for 12 years but is that really important.