The turkey feast is over so naturally christmas lights are quickly going up in the town and the bombardment of christmas specials fill the air. this post will continue with a christmas theme as i share what i'm doing to promote the spirit of the season.

As many of you know I have a wonderful wife. She is a doting grandmother, a great mom, and a caring companion. In 30 days we will have been married 46 years. Yes, let me spell that one out of you - forty-six years.

Being a great husband I wanted to start the season of giving off right and I decided to give her a major gift, a vacation. That is, a two week vacation from me! Two weeks where she can go eat crab cakes everyday at the Blue Moon or party every day and every night! Pure, peaceful bliss.

I know, I know you're saying "now whoa, hold on there pilgrim. That's an incredible, thoughtful gift from you, are you some kind of young man Jim like in The Gift of the Magi?" And of course you'd be right, it is an awesome gift, a bit of a sacrifice I must say, but that's how I roll. Anything for my bride of almost 46 years.

But there's one major hitch in the plan - That is, to give her this vacation from me I gotta go somewhere, right? Hmmmmmmm, now where could I possibly go? Well, to combat the solitude and heartache of being away from home I'm going to TRY and find solace in Amsterdam and Germany. I'll try hard to busy my mind with the sights and then catch my tears of being homesick in a stein of beer or two (or three, or...). But again, that's how I am. Always ready to enjoy the warm feeling of giving rather than receiving. I only hope that my sacrifice is appreciated.

Hopefully you'll follow my wanderings but don't inquire what my wife is doing on her vacation - what happens on the OBX stays on the OBX.

As another distraction I hope to take a few photos and share my trip on this blog post.

Lastly, give your special someone a great gift!

PS - For my friend Chip - NASA.

Until next time, be safe, and may you experience the true meaning of The Gift of the Magi.