Las Vegas, New Mexico???

Didn't see any of Kansas this trip as we rode through the state as predicted last night. And it was dark. Couldn't see nothing. Missed all that flatness. It's OK though because I was in Pittsburg, KS last year and shot the NCBA DI World Series.

Speaking of Pittsburg, KS I thought Pittsburg is in PA. But I also thought that Las Vegas is in NV and that Trinidad was a country (actually visited in years ago) rather that I city that Amtrak services in CO.

And what time is it? Started off yesterday on Pacific time and now in Missouri we're on Central. This trip has been so relaxing that I certainly don't know where I am or what time it is. But isn't that the point anyway?

We're now scheduled to have an on time arrival at Union Station in Chicago. We really booked through Kansas last night at made up close to 2 hours of being delayed. I have abut a 3 hour layover in CHicago before I catch the Cardinal train heading to NYC. Scheduled to arrive at Penn Station at 10:23 PM tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

Until next time, be kind, be safe, and hopefully you know where you are (but do you know what time it is?).

Day moon visible over the arid terrain.

Now that's a classic Mesa.

And it was a good night to us as we entered Colorado briefly before riding through Kansas during the night.