A former student, Chris, knows me all too well.

Back to Germany. Back in Munich. Back to the sites that I've seen many times. Germany is a place where I feel comfortable. A place where I marvel at all the beautiful sites and and enjoy all the wonderful things that the country, and people, have to offer.

As I mentioned when I was in NYC one of my goals is to take photos of places and things that I've shot over the years and try to do better. So far, so good. As I'm shooting I find myself thinking about what Wright would think or say. He may be gone but he's here with me and my photography.

As Thomas Wolfe wrote - "You can't go back home again." Munich has changed. Of course it would, it's been about 8 years since I was here last. There's an incredible amount of construction going on. The city is different. The city is the same.

Munich has kept it's charm and fortunately the Hofbrau haus is open and "almost" back to where it was before. It is my black hole - I am drawn to it daily but drink Bier and meet people from around the world. And of course listen to oompah music.

It is good to see a lot of Ukraine flags flying around the city. There are also signs in store windows decrying Putin and the war.

I'am enjoying just walking the city again but find that I do miss my German travel partner, my daughter. Just not the same.

The only thing that never changes is that things invariably change...

Until next time, be kind, be safe, and Prost.

Yes, this is another slider Chip.