back at home on the obx.

"I b back."

Yesterday, Thursday 5 Jan23, I took my long flight across the pond, "sat" at the Charlotte airport for 4 hours, took another short flight, and then crashed at a hotel near the Norfolk airport - hey, I'd been up for over 22 hours. As I would have have said in German if I still was in Germany - Ich bin müde. But I'm now back in the USA.

But I'm back home now. Of course it's great to be back but ya know I already yearn to go back. I do enjoy it so and I hope that you've enjoyed these blogs.

As you know for the most part the weather was fairly yucky but I still had a good time walking around and taking some photos. There may even be a few keepers.

But in the slide show below I selected some photos to share that caught my eye and you just don't see everyday.

Until next time, be safe, be good and now it's back to shooting local HS sports next week - später..