Not everyday you get to fist-bump Bozo the clown.

Alright sports fans and blog followers. I arrived safely back home thus completing my odyssey (ok, it was only 10 days) across the country and back. And of course, what better way to put things into perspective than spend the last few days of the trip in NYC.

My main goal while being in NYC was to capture photos of the stories-high billboards and marquees of Time Square and Broadway, the street vendors, and some street scenes of people going about their life in the NYC. My goal was to capture some good-to-great photos. I wanted to challenge myself because I had been to the city and taken some photos over 20+ years ago with a reasonably good camera but I was still learning about the nuances of the technical elements of photography.

Capturing good photos of billboards, marquees and particularly the street-vendors carts at night is actually quite difficult - while billboards and marquees may not be the most compositionally interesting photos, they pose quite a technical challenge due to the crazy lighting conditions. The food carts are actually the most difficult because of the lighting AND I want to capture a "moment" of street life.

So, here are some more photos.

Until next time, be kind, be safe, and let me know, did I achieve my goal?

SPECIAL PSA for Chip - the following photo(s) are actually a slide show. Click the > and < buttons.