Super Sunday and getting out of Dodge.

The day has arrived. Time to catch a train, or two, and head to Chi Town. After a good night's sleep I took an Uber from the hotel to the Santa Ana train station. The station was beautiful. A large picturesque building of Spanish architecture. I was there to catch a brief Metrolink train to the Fullerton station where I was to catch my main train - the Amtrak Southwest Chief - my home for the next 2 1/2 days.

I went to the Amtrak counter to inquire 1) if I could check my bag and 2) if there was a restaurant or bar near by - I had over 3 hours to burn. The Amtrak attendant was extremely nice and helpful and told me that she could book me on an earlier train to Fullerton as there were a number of restaurants and bars near the station - "We don't have anything here" she said - so I said count me in and I was off to Fullerton a full 2 hours early.

That meant when I got to Fullerton I have over 4 hours until I was to board the Southwest Chief. No problem. As a seasoned traveler I knew that I would find something. And I was right.

When I booked all this travel I had no idea that it was Super Bowl weekend. More importantly, I didn't realize that I would be boarding a train in Souther California less than 30 minutes from LA - AND that the LA Rams were in the Super Bowl.

I found a very nice, and very busy bar only a 5 min walk from the train station. I was able to watch the first half of the Super Bowl in a den (?) of Rams fans. It was crazy, but all good fun.

Then it was time to head back to the station to board my train. The train was about 30 minutes late (something about a delay in LA that required Police presence, but I have a don't ask and they won't tell policy).

The main photo above is sunset at the Fullerton station as I waited for my train on platform 3.

So now I'm on my way to Chicago on the Southwest Chief - 3 nights on the train. I have what they call a bedroom in one of the sleeper cars. Not bad. Meals are provided with a sleeper car accommodation. Tonight I had a nice salad and grilled salmon. Not bad at all.

Well, it's time to watch a few YouTube videos and then be rocked to sleep by the slaying of the train.

Until next time, be kind, be safe, and I hope you team won.

A Bengal's fan celebrates a touchdown during the first half of the Super Bowl.

My chariot to Fullerton, CA.

Starting dinner with a nice Brie salad.

The main course for the evening was grilled salmon complimented by a Stella Artois.