Eating breakfast in Germany.

I never, ever, ever eat breakfast back home. Usually I only eat only reasonably late and then maybe munch on something during the late night hours (working on photos).

But things are certainly different here in Germany. Breakfast, or Frühstück, is a very big thing here. When you reserve a hotel room it's either "mit oder ohne Frühstück" - with or without breakfast. The difference in price can be from 8 to +20 Euros. Some may say that that's a lot of $, but this is NOT the typical wimpy "continental" breakfast that you are typically offered in the US. Oh no sports fans, I'm talking about a German FRÜHSTÜCK!!!

I almost always get the room mit Frühstück because again, unlike at home, I'm usually up before the sun. I eat a hearty breakfast (some photos below) that typically lasts me the whole day as I walk everywhere - alright, there are the beers late afternoon or evening, that I cannot deny.

Yesterday, was a banner day. I had a late meal!!! I was craving German Sauerkraut so I got a Wurstteller mit Sauerkraut - tasty!

Until next time, be kind, be safe, and Bon appétit whenever and whatever you eat.

Yes, this is another slider Chip.

Sausage platter with sauerkraut. Unfortunately I fell into a food comma when I got back to the hotel.