Preregistration of an athlete for digital images


With 12 games and 18 teams, there will be a LOT of players that take to the court AND a LOT of high-caliber basketball action. Preregistration makes sure that the exciting moments and experience of YOUR athlete are not lost. By registering, I will focus on your athlete to get a good selection of photos that reveal the action and emotion of the games. So, whether you’re in the stands cheering or following the action from home, you can be confident that i'll capture great memories for you and your athlete.


How much does preregistration cost?

A.There are three tiers of registration: 1) the tip-off ($25), 2) the 3-point play ($35), and 3) the full court press ($50). Each tier guarantees that photos will be taken of your athlete. The three tiers vary by the number of photos that you will receive (see next question) with your donation.

How many photos will I receive?

A.All photos will be placed in photo gallery set up for each game. You will be able to choose three (3) photos with the tip-off, four (4) photos with the 3-point play ($35) and ten (10) photos with the full-count press from the game. All photos are high-resolution digital images. You may purchase additional photos for a discount of $8 each.

When can I preregister my athlete?

A.You can preregister an athlete at any time before the start of the game. There will be a limited number of registrations so we encourage early registration. NOTE: the preregistration process must be completed before the event begins.

When and how will I receive my photos?

A.Every photo that I post is carefully edited to ensure that the photo you receive is the best possible image. In general, your photos will be available within 2 days after the conclusion of the basketball showcase. Once your photos are ready, they will be placed in a private photo gallery for you to view and download. The gallery will be available for two weeks.

What if I don't preregister, will other photos be available?

A.Yes. In addition to getting great photos of registered athletes, every attempt will be made to capture a wide selection of action and event photos. These photos will be posted after all the galleries for preregistered athletes have been created. You can obtain a high-resolution copy of a photo for a $15 donation. Links to the photos will be posted on this site (

Preregistration Process

1) Complete and submit the registration form to provide information regarding your athlete.

2) Once your form has been received and verified an invoice will be sent to you for payment online. Payment must be received before the event starts.

Preregistration Benefits

1) Guaranteed that the athlete will be photographed.

2) Substantial savings over purchasing individual photos.

3) Proceeds to go Good Guys vs Cancer

3) Private photo gallery available.

4) Discount on additional high-resolution images.

Positions normally played (e.g., center, point guard)