Preregistration of an athlete


Preregistration is a way to ensure that both action and sports-portraits are taken of an athlete during a game. I focus on registered athletes during the game and take photos that not only show the athlete in action, but also professional photos of the athlete outside the lines of play to reveal their experiences and emotions. All photos of the athlete are provided as high-resolution digital images that you are free to print and share.


How much does preregistration cost?

A.Preregistration is $60 per athlete per game (there are prepaid discounted packages available as well). Once you submit a preregistration form an invoice will be emailed to you to pay securely online using a credit card. NOTE: not only does the preregistration process ensure that you will receive professional photos of your athlete, but the cost per photo will be a significant savings over the cost of buying photos individually or even a package without having registered.

When can I preregister my athlete?

A.You can preregister an athlete for any game in which I'm schedule to shoot (please see the calendar of planned events on this site). Feel free to request that I shoot a game if I have nothing scheduled. NOTE: the preregistration process must be completed before the event begins.

How many photos will I receive?

A.The short answer is - you will receive ALL of the photos where your athlete is the main focus of the photo. A typical number is around 25-50 photos but often clients have received many, many more - depending on how much the athlete plays or is active during the game.

When and how will I receive my photos?

A.Every photo that I post is carefully edited to ensure that the photo you receive is the best possible image. In general, your photos will be available within 2 days of the event. Once your photos are ready, they will be placed in a private photo gallery for you to view and download. The gallery will be available for two weeks.

What if I don't like the photos?

A.In the very unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your gallery of photos I will refund your money. A refund request must be submitted before any photos are downloaded.

Preregistration Process

1) Complete and submit the registration form to provide information regarding your athlete.

2) Once your form has been received and verified an invoice will be sent to you for payment online. Please note that payment must be received before the event starts.

Preregistration Options

1) single game - $60

2) three (3) game package - $160

3) five (5) game package - $240

Preregistration Benefits

1) Substantial savings over purchasing individual photos.

2) Guaranteed that the athlete will be photographed.

3) Private photo gallery available for the season.

4) 25% discount on professional prints of photos from your gallery.

Date and game (e.g., Nov. 12, FFHS varsity soccer vs Manteo)

Positions normally played (e.g., off. guard, defensive tackle)