Congratulations to all the teams that will compete for the DII and DI World Series trophies!

Welcome to my site dedicated to providing you with professional photos of the 2023 NCBA DII & DI WS. This is my 7th year in a row as the official photographer of NCBA World Series. I'm excited for the opportunity to spend time with all the teams and players at Lloyd Hopkins Field.

I'm a professional sports and events photographer from the Outer Banks of North Carolina with 25 years of experience. Please note while I am endorsed and receive support by the NCBA I am not paid by the organization.

Below is a brief description of what I will be doing during the two World Series and what you can expect regarding photos of your favorite ball player.

I will be at EVERY game working hard to capture all the action, emotion, and experiences of the players. However, with 16 teams and potentially 30 games over 13 days, there will be a LOT of action and players that take the field. It is of course impossible for one person to get every play, and take great photos of every player. Even after taking a combined total of over 40,000 (yes, that is correct, more than 40k) photos during the 2022 NCBA DII & DI WS, there were unfortunately several players that I didn't have any photos and quite a few where I had only 3 or 4. The reason I'm providing this information is avoid the agony of telling a player or his parents after all the games have been played that I didn't get any good shots of him because simply I didn't know that they wanted any.

That is why I have set up the opportunity to "register" a ball player. This is intended as a way to ensure that I get photos of a particular athlete, your athlete. All the information regarding Registration iscan be found here.

My goal during the series is to make sure that I capture the action and essence of the games. With either 3 or 4 games scheduled on several days, there will be little time (actually no time) between games to edit and post photos. SO, please be patient, I will work hard to make the wait worth it. I will send an occasional email update so please make sure that you use a valid email address when you sign in to the galleries.

Questions? You can send me an email using the Contact tab above or by sending an email directly to:

Baseball is my sport and the NCBA World Series is always a great showcase of talent and fun. I hope that you enjoy the photos and good luck to all the teams - Play Ball!